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Canva.  Have you heard of it before?  Canva is a multi-purpose design app that lets you edit photos, create graphics, create animated designs, share folders, and collaborate.  In today’s atmosphere more than ever, digital content is king.  Given this, your digital marketing needs to stand out among the rest!  Canva and its many options is a terrific tool to bring your digital marketing campaigns to the next level.


We have identified the basic definition of Canva.  But – why Canva?  Here are some terrific bits of insight.  Strong and unique visuals go far in a digital campaign.  Canva offers a tremendous library of templates.  These templates can be used for presentations, social media, flyers, and so much more.  Plans range from free to roughly $12.95 a month for the premium package.  As detailed in, Canva has drag and drop features, icons, and a huge selection of fonts.  Also, Canva has an easy-to-use photo editor.  The last thing that your brand or campaign needs is a crooked or pixelated photo!  Not only does it have an editor, but there is a photo straightener tool.  

Digital Marketing Campaigns that STAND OUT

Canva features a variety of cutting edge, eye-catching tools and filters to literally stand out from the rest.  There are many social media campaigns.  They are happening simultaneously.  Content is extremely important.  However, it’s equally important that your content is seen!  Canva offers unique features to enable this.  Text and speech bubbles are options to add. 

Design grids

What are design grids?  Canva offers grids that seamlessly allow individual photos to be displayed together, in individual boxes.  This enables users to pack more visual content into a single post.  To ensure that your photos correctly fit the different mediums available, Canva offers templates for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many other social media platforms.  


Canva offers a Design School.  This is a fantastic feature.  It allows those who don’t have a graphic design background to achieve what they need to.  The Design School offers tutorials and best practices.  You don’t need to have an eye for design to make your final products look like you do!  Using this tool will achieve linear, professional content to support your digital marketing campaigns.


Users can generate graphics with catchy content and text all in one, instead of having visual and text content remain separate.  Businesses see 94% more views on social media and blogs that take this creative approach.  Also, Canva provides the much-needed ability to add your brand’s logo to your content.  Be sure to keep it subtle.  You want your content to be associated with your brand.  It is important for the logo not to overpower the images and content.  Their huge library includes infographics.  With the huge jump in the past few months of so many more eyes being online for longer durations, infographics are imperative for your marketing.  Combine your most compelling images with the most critical messaging.  Keep it simple and to the point.  If users see too many words overtaking your graphics, they will look elsewhere.


Use Canva to define your brand’s image.  With the extensive use of graphics, editing options, and fonts, find a theme that represents your brand.  Most importantly, once you do – stick to it.