Marketing Trends

The average American checks their phone every 12 minutes.  That means people are unlocking their screens 80 times a day. Using SMS Marketing is a personal and convenient way to reach consumers. Taking advantage of this can help bring attention to your company.

Businesses can communicate directly to consumers through SMS (Short Message Service) and Multimedia Marketing. SMS Marketing is the ability to text a mass message to consumers directly that contains less than 160 characters. Multimedia or Rich Marketing is the same.  However, the messages include multimedia content like videos and images. Both concepts are a short and sweet way to let consumers know about upcoming deals, coupons, and announcements. (more…)

In 2019, the use of Instagram and video in digital marketing campaigns is crucial. These digital marketing campaign trends are soaring due to their simplicity and visual appeal. In addition, there are a three more top marketing campaign trends emerging that should be considered as part of this year’s marketing strategy.

Considering Voice Interaction 

While voice-first technology is currently in an evolutionary state, experts predict it will and already has had an impact in the digital marketing industry. Talking to Forbes, Michael Dougherty, the CEO of Jellian audio advertising platform, said, “The goal of any marketer is to establish a genuine connection with customers. Voice is their chance to get one step closer.” Based on this,  businesses should begin strategizing in anticipation of the rise of voice interaction. (more…)

Every year the digital marketing industry advances with new technologies and marketing strategies. These marketing trends help your organization or agency optimize to give you and your clients the boost you need to reach goals. Here are a few of the top marketing trends emerging this year in the industry that you can use to optimize your marketing strategy:

Instagram is the New Facebook 

The Numbers Don’t Lie 

Although Instagram is owned by Facebook, its’ aesthetic and tools are exceedingly different. Since its inception in 2010, the photo-centric platform proved to be more popular with younger generations. Seven out ten people ages 18 to 24 use the app. Today, 800 million people log into Instagram once a month and 500 million once a day. And compared to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, that number is significantly increasing each year. Research firm eMarketer predicts Instagram will reach 927.9 million users by 2021. (more…)