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Market Best on Pinterest

companies That MArket Best On Pinterest

As a result of the current lockdown and social distancing requirements, the world has gone more digital than ever before.  Existing digital platforms, such as Pinterest, have adapted further, offering additional services to meet the world’s changing needs. Pinterest is boosting the ability to ‘shop’ for in-stock home decor and fashion products. With more users engaging with shopping on the platform, these commerce marketing updates will make product discovery even easier. 

New Pinterest Shop Tab

A new ‘shop’ tab will now appear on both the search option and on boards. This will allow users to more easily find in-stock products from retailers. The good news? This will allow more companies to provide end users with a more complete experience via Pinterest.  Given this, let’s discuss what companies are having the most success on Pinterest – and, why!


Most likely, you’ve heard of Buzzfeed.  They are one of the most successful companies on Pinterest.  Why? As a digitally-based business, they have mastered the practice of driving traffic from their Pinterest followers to their website.  According to, BuzzFeed does a great job at repackaging the most exciting and interesting aspects of their blog content into a catchy thumbnail-sized pin.

compelling Images

BuzzFeed takes the most compelling image from their signature “listicles” and feature that as the main image on a BuzzFeed pin—encouraging Pinners to click on the pin and check out the article. The best business Pinterests are those that creatively repackage website content—like blog posts, videos, or recipes—into eye-catchy and compelling pins that drive Pinterest traffic to their website. 

Pin articles

Another key reason Buzzfeed has acquired nearly 2 million followers on Pinterest is that they make it easy to pin articles from their main website to a visitor’s own board. They include a Pin It button on both the top and bottom of all of their content. By doing something as basic as this, you’ll make your own content more shareable between your website and your Pinterest.

The Container Store’s Pinterest

If your business is an office or organizational-based company, then The Container Store’s Pinterest can teach you a lot.  If your products are meant for tangible use, Pinterest is a terrific way for you to show the value of your products. If you look at The Container Store’s page, you’ll get a clear picture of the best uses for each of their offerings.  This model goes a long way if your business fits this mold.

With Pinterest being a visual medium, simplicity and eye appeal are key. Be sure that your board is easy to follow and includes relatable, feel-good images. Don’t forget about video!  Show your Pinterest followers how to best use your items in real time.  And since Pinterest boards and pins rank very high on Google searches, this has a positive impact on your website’s SEO (search engine optimization).

Etsy on Pinterest

Are you an online business that sells unique items or hard goods?  Pinterest success story Etsy, who boasts nearly one million followers, could teach you a valuable lesson.  Besides beautiful photos, the secret to their success? Pin other content – not just your own. This provides a cross-section of content that will bring you followers from different avenues, which in turn can translate into new business.  Keep it fresh! Include both content that is related to your actual business as well as content that you enjoy. It’s been said that variety is the spice of life. In this case, it will benefit your bottom line.


Many businesses that do well on Pinterest have boards that include projects or sets of items grouped by price point.  Are you a restaurant owner? Create an ‘Appetizers Under $10’ board, full of eye catching and mouth watering visuals and videos.  Hardware store? Put together a segment on ‘DIY Projects Under $50!’. This will allow your future customers to learn your price range, formulate a plan that fits their needs, and physically see what you can offer them.


Statistically, the above companies and industries have seen the most success and market best on Pinterest thus far.  However, trends are always changing. They are evolving more than ever now, due to the increase in digital traffic.  Even if your business falls under a different category, don’t be afraid to explore Pinterest! Follow the above guidelines to find your own success.