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Digital Content and Coronavirus

Customer buying behavior is changing as a result of the pandemic.  eCommerce orders are up 108%.  In a survey since this began, 42% of shoppers feel that they will change the way that they shop in the future as a result of the current situation.  Given this, more eyes will be heading to your business’s digital presence.  More shoppers will also look to buy from you digitally.  So, what digital content do you want them to see?


Content is always extremely important.  What you put out either catches interest or doesn’t.  If you’re seeking website visits, likes, and followers, you have to earn them.  That has always been the case.  Now, people are virtually living online.  Not only are large amounts of people working from home, but they also are asked to stay there.  That means time people usually spent leisurely is also now done at home.  Shopping is moving online in huge numbers as people seek to stay safe.  To stay connected, social media usership is growing in massive numbers.  You have a much larger audience.  How do you entice and keep them?

WHAT WORKS: Visuals & Infographics

Visuals work.  People like infographics.  An eye-catching photo that includes content?  Users love this.  Now that people are stressed and uncertain, they are seeking fun visuals to keep their mind occupied on anything but the pandemic.  If you usually have wordy posts with images on Facebook, try a sentence.  Add an impactful, related image, and watch your audience respond.  In the present time, your audience wants you to sum up your message quickly.  They are seeking something happy to look at.  Keeping content brief but relatable and interesting is more important than ever.  Remember- more eyes are online.  What will make them go to your posts, website, and Story over others?


When people are uncertain, they turn to brands that they trust.  Or, they turn to familiar content and images.  Think about how you feel when you see something online.  If it’s familiar, it makes you feel good.  You feel safe.  During this uncharted territory that the globe is in, people all want to feel safe.  They want to trust the source they are looking at.  According to, 92% of users trust earned media more than any other form of content.  One day, the world will safely open for business.  Be sure that your content and messaging installs trust in your customers and followers.  Will they trust what you say?  Will they feel safe listening to your content?  87% of social media users say that social media content helps them make purchasing decisions.  What is one thing that would build their trust more?  Social media users love to see real photos in a brand’s content.  If you have permission, post your actual customers.  Are you the business owner?  Post a selfie!  Now more than ever, people are seeking trust.


Before COVID, marketing was more buttoned-up.  Now, people are appreciating the real and simple things in life.  They are looking for real.  They are seeking honesty.  This allows your marketing to be more authentic than ever.  Tell your customers how you really feel!  Chances are, they are feeling the same way.  With in-person interactions currently stifled, your audience is craving connection.  Let your brand shine through your digital content.  Now more than ever is your opportunity.