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Digital Fundraising


Digital marketing is a terrific tool for all businesses.  For-profits have great success in letting the world know who they are and what goods and services they offer, whether by posting a new special on Facebook or an enticing image on Instagram.  For nonprofits, fundraising is a large part of their business plan.  Digital media is equally valuable for nonprofits.  With historically smaller budgets, they can customize their digital marketing approach to fit a specific budget, with the ability to adjust as needed.  Whether it’s advertising a fundraiser or creating one via social media, nonprofits are consistently making digital fundraising and marketing a larger piece of their marketing plan.


Since COVID-19 took the world online, everyone has had to adapt.  Historically, nonprofits rely heavily on in-person fundraising events.  With online raffles deemed illegal in many states across the country, translating existing fundraisers into digital ones isn’t a possibility, in many cases.  What can nonprofit businesses do to digitally raise funds during a time when fundraising events aren’t permitted?  

Many digital media giants are doing their part to assist small businesses during this challenging and unprecedented time.  This includes nonprofits.  With scores of fundraising events being canceled, many are scrambling to fill huge gaps in their proposed budget this year, while facing similar questions next year.  Instagram has added gift card, ordering, and fundraising tools for Stories and profiles.  This allows businesses to market their needs front and center, and digitally raise some much needed funding.  

Facebook and Instagram Offer Resources to Support Non Profits

Facebook is also offering resources for nonprofits feeling the effects of fundraiser cancelations.  Their Facebook Social Good Spotlight consists of virtual classes designed to equip organizations with key skills to boost their presence on Facebook and Instagram, build community, and increase awareness while strengthening financial sustainability.  Each topic focuses on a learning journey that supports different levels of digital marketing proficiency in order to reach an end goal.  Facebook Live with Donate Button is another engaging way to bring your sidelined fundraiser online.  It serves as an interactive way to keep connected to your audience and collect donations for your cause, when people can’t come to you.  This keeps the live event ‘feel’ present, while helping nonprofits meet their goals online. 

Your nonprofit’s Facebook page can also add a Donate button to their live stream. As the host, there are options as to how your event can be done.  You can choose to collect donations during the live feed by using the Donate button. If your business is seeking to replace several events as the shutdown stretches on, try attaching an existing Facebook Fundraiser through iOS or Android. Hosts can add any Facebook Fundraiser to their live video. This includes Fundraisers for a nonprofit that were created by you as the host, by someone else, or on another page on Facebook.

Digital Resources to Reach a Wide Audience 

Keep it interesting!  As with in person fundraising events, the goal of digital fundraising is to appeal to a wide, varied audience.  This gives your business the best chance to reach a wide audience, which hopefully results in donations!  Facebook also offers a ‘FB Stories Donation Sticker’.  This branding icon will help your cause become more easily searchable.  

Instagram allows eligible nonprofits to raise money directly on Instagram through the donation sticker in Instagram Stories, and the donate button on Instagram Business accounts.  Another fun fact?  You can also connect to your community via Stories, Feed, Live, IGTV or Direct message on Instagram.  

Mobile Devices Help Connect

Nonprofit Source’s data states that 25% of donors complete their donations on mobile devices, and the text-to-donate method makes it even more convenient.  With messaging and keywords, a wide audience can receive your nonprofit’s call for assistance!  By using online platforms like GiveLively, you can easily reach your audience by simply having a number and keyword information.  Donors can then contribute immediately, or receive an email with instructions.  

Email Marketing is Still Effective

According to TechSoup, email marketing is still extremely effective for nonprofit fundraising, and getting the word out about their cause . According to Nonprofit Source, email marketing and promotion campaigns accounted for 28 percent of nonprofit revenue in 2017. Since most people check their emails daily, why not use email as a means to get in front of a larger audience?  

Additionally, in addition to Facebook and Network for Good’s fundraising collaboration, GoFundMe, MightyCause, FundRazr, and Crowdrise are a few well-known and effective platforms to host digital fundraisers on.


The world is collectively navigating our ‘current normal’.  Don’t feel like it’s the end of the line for your nonprofit business.  With easy, effective, user-friendly digital fundraising options, your 2020 fundraising season is only just beginning.