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Facebook Ads


Facebook Ads bring great value to businesses.  That being said, there are important ‘dos and don’ts’ to follow.  Why does this matter?  As they say – too much of a good thing can become an issue.  This marketing tool may be easy to use and learn, but in order to achieve the most value, there are pointers to adhere to.


Be sure not to run Facebook ads all day and night.  Target timeframes that your target audience can be reached.  If your audience skews older, stay away from late-night advertising times.  Keep it consistent!  Once your Ad is live – let it be.  Constantly changing images and wording becomes distracting to your audience.  The last thing that you want to do is lose their interest.  Don’t get caught in a rut.  Experiment with different Ad types.  Your followers are diverse.  Your ads should be, too.  Use different forms of images and wording in your various ads, and alternate as applicable between stagnant and video content.


The average human attention span has dropped over the years from 12 seconds to 8 seconds.  This means that you have even less time to make an impression!  Given this fact, including video in your Facebook Ads is valuable and easy.  Video content captures attention instantly.  With so much content on Facebook, this will help your ads stand out from the rest.  With Facebook video ads, the first few seconds are the most crucial.  They will either capture your audience’s attention or lose them.  Make it a point to get to your call to action at the beginning of the video.  According to, after your main goal is addressed in your video ad, the next important step is blending the other elements of your ad in after your call to action.  Facebook Ads need to be impactful and easy to follow.


With attention spans being short, Facebook story ads see a great return for marketers.  Their Ads Manager makes it easy to create ad sets for stories.  This will help you increase your views.  With story ads, keep the colors consistent with your brand.  First, this is important for your brand recognition.  Second, color consistency on your page and in your advertising will keep your audience’s attention.  If bright colors aren’t part of your branding, don’t use them just for the sake of Facebook Ads videos.  


Ad placement on Facebook is an important factor.  This refers to where your ad is displayed.  Facebook’s automatic placement option works well.  It is placed in optimal locations on the user’s feeds.  Tying Facebook ad placement into your website is a must!  The Facebook Pixel can track the actions that visitors take on your website and retarget your website visitors.  


Although they have been around for a while, Facebook Groups are NOT a thing of the past!  Don’t forget about them when it comes to Facebook Ads.  Create a group and invite those users who respond most to your posts and your ads.  Always be sure to include the content from your ad campaigns in your group.  Chances are, these users follow you the closest.  They will also be most likely to comment on your ads, respond to them, and share your content.