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Many people use Google Images for a variety of things.  Near the top of the list is business.  Users search business photos to see products, what stores look like, and what people have purchased from businesses.  Like many things, we learn through research.  Recent research has shown us how Google Image users react to different aspects of Google Images and business searches.  Let’s dig in!


Google My Business photos have proven massively important to local search performance results.  According to, businesses with more Google My Business photos receive more clicks, calls, and direction requests than those without any or with small amounts.  Businesses with more than 100 images receive 520% more calls than the average business.  Businesses with one image received 71% fewer calls than the average business.  

When consumers are seeking directions to your brick and mortar, this is a win!  Research has shown that listings with more than 100 images receive 2,717% more direction requests than the typical business.  Looking for website clicks?  Who isn’t!?  Research shows that businesses with more than 100 images receive 1,065% more website clicks than the average business.  Businesses with only one associated Google image receive 65% less website visits than standard business numbers.


Although businesses aren’t all open due to the pandemic, Google Maps is a golden ticket for your business.  Generally, people look to Google Maps for locations they are looking to go to right away.  This includes curbside pickup locations and outside dining locations.  Just because business models have currently changed does not mean that your business wouldn’t benefit from it.  Tying Google Maps in, businesses that have more than 100 images statistically see 3459% more map views than the average business.  


Looking to increase your presence and your Google image footprint?  Looking at the impressive numbers above, why wouldn’t you?  Start with the basics.  Is your business currently listed on Google My Business?  If not, get on!  Next- how many photos do you have on your profile?  As per the above statistics, aim for over 100.  You can build your presence as experiences (and photos) happen.  Don’t use any photo just to reach that milestone.  For example, photos of your staff only won’t cut it.  In order to qualify as a Google My Business business photo, all photos must reflect the customer experience.

ENGAGE YOUR AUDIENCE with Business Photos

One great marketing tool is having your satisfied customers post images of your business and their experience.  In your social media campaigns, encourage your customers to take pictures during their engagement with or at your business.  These photos are the kinds that would qualify for Google My Business.  Plus, if your clients have enjoyed their experience, this will leave a positive impression with your online audience.  Many of them may be your future customers.


In conclusion, make an effort to make your business photo-friendly.  If you have an establishment that has just reopened, create a ‘Welcome Back Selfie Wall’ that includes your branding.  This will encourage your customers to take pictures of and at your establishment.  More than ever, your online audience needs to know that you are open for business!