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How Influencer Marketing Can Help Your Business

Influencer Marketing.  Do you know what it is?  Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that uses recognized leaders to bring your brand’s message to a larger audience.  These individuals help you reach an additional audience.  They generally have dedicated followers on various forms of social and digital media.  This type of marketing works well with both social media and content marketing.


Due to the pandemic, businesses are adapting digital marketing plans.  In order to keep their message and work going, this is vital.  Many businesses already market digitally.  However, they are expanding their reach to stay in front of their audience.  Currently, businesses aren’t able to physically get in front of their audience.  Influencers exist largely in the digital world.  They have a strong presence on social media.  This form of marketing is skyrocketing.  As a result, you’ll pick up a built in audience for your brand.


First, you need a plan.  What are you looking to accomplish?  What goal are you seeking to meet?  How many new customers are clients are you aiming for?  This helps you choose a path.  Once you establish this, it’s time to find your influencer.  Start with industry.  Is your business food-based?  Be sure to contact influencers who have followings in your industry.  If you work in the food industry, a cosmetic influencer isn’t a smart fit.  Even if they have a large following, you won’t reach your target audience. suggests that you ask to see results.  Influencers do this for a living.  Request results from previous campaigns.  Communicate your expectations.  


Chances are, your customers already feel that you have integrity.  If they frequent your business already, that is evident.  It is important to keep that integrity with influencer marketing.  If you hire an influencer to handle paid content, be sure that they clearly notate this.  Transparency is key.  Check out the other brands and businesses that the influencer is associated with.  Are they in conflict with your business?  Would their audiences compliment your products?  Select influencers that have organic followings.  This will help bring returns to your business.


Content is a huge part of an influencer campaign.  You will need to flesh out several things.  Who is creating the campaign’s content?  Do you create it?  Does the influencer create it?  Who has ownership of the content.  To ensure a successful and clean campaign, work these things out from the start.  Also, since images are the crux of influencer campaigns, be sure to decide who owns the images as well.  


Engagement is critical.  Do not select an influencer based only on their number of followers.  Someone could have 100,000 followers, and rarely engage with them.  Just because an influencer is actively posting does not make them the best representation of your business.  See how they interact with their followers.  Do they engage them directly?  Are they professional and approachable?  Are you comfortable associating your business with them?  The influencer who markets your business becomes an extension of your business.  Keep this in mind.  


Lastly, consider authenticity.  It is important that an influencer campaign doesn’t come across as a business transaction.  Your livelihood is invested.  This is an extension of your brand.  Yes, it is business.  Successful influencers make it appear seamless.  Choose someone who cares about your brand and your message.  Put yourself in your followers’ shoes.  Would you encourage your friends to follow this person?  Do they fit your brand’s image?  If so, the sky (and follower number caps) is the limit.  Think big!