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Social media followings are a huge part of marketing in today’s business world.  Obtaining a following is important.  Keeping and growing your audience is equally important.  Have you ever seen your followers increase greatly, then watch the numbers go down?  Do you wonder how to change that?  We’ll tell you how.


No doubt that you work hard for your business.  You may have seen your audience reach a milestone.  Suddenly, your follower count starts to drop.  Did you post too frequently?  Did you not post enough?  Maybe your audience lost interest in your recent content.  Let’s start with maintaining what you’ve grown.  Be consistent.  Start with a strategy.  Will you post every day?  Maybe your audience reacts better to posting every other day?  Whatever your business followers react best to, keep it consistent.  If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.  Being erratic will cause followers to disengage.  Speak to your audience. lays out a simple message.  Be sure to communicate clearly about your business.  If you are a clothing boutique, stay on message.  Your choice of coffee creamer is fine for a personal page; not your business page.


What works for an audience on Twitter is different than what your Facebook followers are seeking.  Be mindful of which platform you are posting on.  If you have a to-the-point message to relay, choose Twitter.  If your message is visual, such as a new item release, Instagram is the platform of choice.  If you want to relay a more substance-related message with images, look to Facebook.  This way, you are reaching the appropriate audience who will care.  Also, this will help you keep the followings that you have built.


Now, it’s time to grow your following.  Once you keep them happy and on the journey, how do you increase your reach?  Be sure to include a social media follow button on each page of your website.  Are you sending out an email blast?  Don’t forget to have it at the bottom.  Can you link and reference your Instagram handle on your LinkedIn in a post?  Do it.  Cross promotion on your social networks is free and effective.  Plus, you are then expanding your audience from platform to platform.  


Influencers are known to have large followings.  Is there an influencer that is relatable to your brand?  Do they often represent similar industries?  Share their content.  If their content is a positive reflection of your brand, you can only gain (followers!) from sharing their content.  


Having a social media audience across multiple platforms is half of the battle.  Be sure to engage them.  Respond to their comments or likes.  Let them know that you appreciate their time and support.  They aren’t just a number.  They are a person who has networks and followers of their own.  Keeping them happy can only work in your favor.


Nearly all social media platforms allow you to see your metrics and statistics.  You can view how many views and shares particular posts get.  Follow the data!  Once you see what people like the most, replicate those kinds of posts.  Also, stay away from what doesn’t receive a strong response.


Content should be easily shareable.  If your audience has a hard time sharing your content, they will be discouraged from doing so.  Also, they may be discouraged enough to unfollow you.  Be mindful to keep your content easy to share.  Is it something you’d want to share?  Put yourself in your audience’s shoes.  Following these strategies will keep you moving in the right direction – up!