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instagram metrics


Instagram metrics.  Have you heard of them?  What are they? Instagram metrics differentiate between reach and impressions.  They allow you to calculate your engagement rate. Also, they let you know your taps back and taps forward.  Sound confusing? Let’s break it down! Once you understand Instagram metrics, you’ll be able to measure your reach on this popular social media platform.  Is it working as well as you’d hoped for you and your business?  

First, you will need to decide what your Instagram marketing goal is.  Once that is clearly established, start with reach. What is it? Reach is the true number of people who have viewed your post.  Reach is always shown in numbers. Reach rate is displayed as a percentage. The average reach rate per post is defined as the average reach rate of every single post published in a particular time period.   


Impressions speak to the number of times that your individual Instagram (this includes posts, your profile, and your stories) has been viewed in a specific time frame.  An easy way to remember this, as demonstrated by is if one particular person has looked at your latest post three separate times, this would be measured as one reach and three impressions.  


Your engagement rate includes every comment, save, and like regarding a particular post, divided by your unique number of followers at the time of the post.  Similar to this is engagement reach on Instagram. The difference? In this case, you’d divide by your post’s reach; not by your number of followers. As your followers increase, your engagement rate decreases.  To measure most accurately for your business, be sure that your account is an Instagram for Business account. Once it is, you’ll have access to business-specific metrics that wouldn’t be available otherwise.


What is it?  Followers growth is defined as a large number of followers gained over a specific time period.  If you see these numbers declining, pay attention. Most likely, it’s a sign to try a different approach!  Native insights are stats available specifically to Instagram for Business accounts. They offer plentiful data.  What they don’t offer (yet) are metrics for your specific Instagram handle in regards to tagging in posts or being mentioned in captions.  If you have a brick and mortar business, the ‘get directions’ metric is something to keep a watchful eye on. It lets you know how many times people have clicked on your profile in order to get directions to your business.  Similarly, website clicks displays the number of clicks on your website link that is listed in your profile.  


This terminology may be new or unfamiliar, but it’s very important.  Taps forward data indicate how many taps were made to see your next picture or video.  What are taps back? You guessed it! Taps back are the number of times a user scrolls back to a previous video or photo on your page.  Pay special attention to taps back. Although they could happen accidentally, they may also be an indicator of content that people are enjoying.  Watch for these trends. Continuing with similar content in future posts can keep your follower list growing! And that’s exactly what you want.