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Pinterest and SEO


SEO stands for search engine optimization.  What, exactly, does that mean? Search engine optimization is the process of increaing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page for users of a web search engine.  It also refers to the improvement of unpaid results. When you hear the term SEO, Pinterest may not be the platform that initially comes to mind. However, marketers more and more are seeing it as a valuable, profitable medium.  With more than 150 million monthly users, Pinterest provides a platform geared towards the creative storyteller.  


According to, in 2016, 97% of Pinterest searches were for non-branded items.  An impressive 80% of their users are mobile. Monthly, Pinterest is seeing more than 2 billion users!  More than 250 million of its monthly searches are for visual content. Although Pinterest may be a unique search engine, it still is one.  Meaning? Where there’s a search engine, there is the ability for optimization.  


Like most platforms today, Pinterest has the option for business account creation.  If you’re a business, be sure that your account reflects this. Why? Business accounts have access to analytics and their ads manager.  Choose a username that your targeted consumers likely would search for. Keep it easy and basic, and relative to your brand or business name.  Branding is key, since Pinterest is a visual platform. Be sure to upload your logo to your profile, and ensure that your profile is adequately filled out so that you are searchable.  Most importantly, set up boards! Even if you start with a basic, simple one, boards are paramount on Pinterest.


Most likely, you have a website.  If you don’t, call us today, and we’ll start there!  Assuming that you do have an active site, don’t forget to add the Pinterest tag to your website.  The Pinterest tag allows you to gather reporting information for your profile, and allows you to segment your audience.  The save button is a basic piece of code that allows your marketing campaign to expand beyond Pinterest. This allows users to save images from your site to their boards.  Is your website verified? If not, jump on it! This will add your profile picture automatically to all of your Pins.  


A whopping 87% of Pinners say that they actually make purchases as a direct result of their Pins.  Even more exciting, 93% of users say that they use Pinterest to plan their purchases. To see exactly how well it’s working for you, be sure to start with the basics.  Focus your Pinterest SEO campaign on visitor stats and re-pins. Once you build and keep an audience, the world is your oyster.