SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

The average American checks their phone every 12 minutes.  That means people are unlocking their screens 80 times a day. Using SMS Marketing is a personal and convenient way to reach consumers. Taking advantage of this can help bring attention to your company.

Businesses can communicate directly to consumers through SMS (Short Message Service) and Multimedia Marketing. SMS Marketing is the ability to text a mass message to consumers directly that contains less than 160 characters. Multimedia or Rich Marketing is the same.  However, the messages include multimedia content like videos and images. Both concepts are a short and sweet way to let consumers know about upcoming deals, coupons, and announcements.

Benefits of SMS Marketing 

Firstly, 90% of mobile users open their messages within the first 3 minutes they are received. It then makes sense that open rates for SMS messages are at 90% vs 20% for emails. Therefore, including content in these texts would take your company one step further. Rich messages have a click-through-rate (CTR) of 36%. Compare this to e-mails CTR of 4.19%, and the choice becomes clear.

Secondly, response rates for SMS messages are 7.5 times higher than email.  This demonstrates that consumers tend to trust texts over email. This is also due to the fact that SMS marketing isn’t nearly as cluttered as email marketing. Despite it’s under saturation, only 21% of brands are using this form of marketing. Therefore, this is a great way for your company to reach its target and gain engagement. By skipping the cluttered inbox, SMS messaging will help your company stand out from the competition.

Further, SMS Marketing is more reliable than email. With email marketing you are never certain that your message reached your audience.  It may have ended up in the dreaded spam folder. As long as your SMS or rich messages don’t appear like spam, cell phone providers won’t mark them as such. Avoid using alphanumeric IDs, sensitive keywords, and an abundance of capital letters and exclamations. Also, operators tend to search for repeating messages so keep the content your sending out fresh and new.

How SMS Marketing Works 

An easy way to get consumers to join your SMS marketing campaign is the use of keywords and shortcodes.  For example, consumers can send the word “JEANS” to the shortcode “2345”. This will evidently provide them with weekly updates on sales and promotions at your clothing store. After this, you can choose to send consumers a welcome email or just add them to a list of clients.

You could also have consumers fill out a form on your website. However, if you choose to take this route you will have to send a follow-up text. This will ensure your consumer purposefully meant to “opt-in” to text message notifications. Consumers can always decide to “opt-out” of receiving these notifications by sending sub keywords to the shortcode. Sub keywords like STOP are commonly used to end the notification process between companies and consumers.

Play with SMS Marketing Platforms 

After you commit to SMS marketing or Rich marketing, you’re going to need to decide how you want to execute. Platforms like SlickText, ProTexting, Trumpia and more can help you get your messages across. These platforms can help you decide on keywords and ensure your messages don’t get flagged as spam. Moreover, setting the software to autopilot allows you to handle other projects while these platforms handle the rest.  For example, most platforms have smart text bots that will engage in interactive conversations with consumers.

It’s important to use whatever strategy is necessary that will help your company stand out from the rest. SMS Marketing is a great way to reach your target and help your company stand out. Our goal at The Westmark Group is to ensure your company’s message effectively reaches your target market and produces positive results.