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Social media Monitoring tools


You probably have heard the terms ‘Buffer’ and ‘Hootsuite’ uttered by someone you know.  Maybe, you thought it was a new dance craze. Although you would be a bit left of center with this assumption, the question remains; What are Buffer and Hootsuite, and what is the best option for you?  

Buffer and Hootsuite are social media monitoring tools.  What exactly does that mean? They each have different ways of allowing users to schedule content posts in advance, both across various platforms and during selected dates and times.  Buffer centralizes post scheduling. Hootsuite helps centralize timelines, shares, and replies. Overall, Buffer has a cleaner social queue, whereas Hootsuite allows for more integrations.  If data and statistics are of great importance to you, Hootsuite may be your choice. It allows for more detailed (yet broad) data analytics than Buffer does.


Creating and managing your brand awareness is paramount to the digital success of your brand and your business.  Having a user-friendly and reliable social media monitoring tool assists greatly with targeted marketing. It also helps boost sales, since you are able to focus on other aspects of marketing your business when you have a tool that does it all!  No matter your superpowers, even the most diligent and regimented people struggle with time management. Social media monitoring tools allow you to accomplish what you’re aiming to, while also having time to do other things, like make dinner instead of ordering in.


According to Hootsuite began as a Twitter-specific media management tool.  Twelve years after its launch, Hootsuite is now used by over 15 million people worldwide on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, and WordPress.  It was designed to manage social media accounts and delegate tasks to colleagues across multiple social media outlets on a single screen.


Buffer’s niche is its ability to serve as a tool that works in tandem with other statistical tools.  It provides a dashboard of sorts, providing an overview of how successful your social media strategy is.  With Buffer, analytics are easy to pull on specific posts. This allows you to have a clear picture of how well you’re doing with your target market.  


This truly depends on what you’re trying to ultimately accomplish.  If knowing statistics on a post-by-post basis is most important in your business model, then Buffer may be your social media monitoring tool of choice.  If an overall report of analytics per social site is in your business’s best interest, then give Hootsuite a go.