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Text Message Marketing – What is it, And does it work?

Text message marketing is exactly as it sounds.  It is a way to market your business, product, or event via text message.  Since a large majority of people have phones with text message capabilities, your audience is your oyster.  This is exactly what you want; far reach.  


Step number one is reserving a keyword.  Once you have done this, that unique keyword is yours.  It is also known as a short code. This is the word that users would text to a short phone number in order to join your SMS marketing list.  After a user texts this keyword, they will receive an auto-reply. The auto-reply can be customized to your liking, so it sounds like – and represents – you and your business.  In addition to your customized auto-response, individuals are also added to your text message marketing list simply by texting your keyword.


The next major step is sending out your message!  According to, it takes merely seconds to log into your text message marketing service of choice, write your content, and blast it out.  Pictures sell. Including a photo with your message has the best proven results. Recipients of messages tend to make more purchases when receiving text message marketing that includes photos.  Why? You have already done the work for them. By providing an easy, exciting description and a visual, your audience has been saved those initial steps of searching for them. It brings them right to the step of clicking and purchasing.  


Permission is a MUST for text message marketing.  Not only is it illegal to contact users from whom you haven’t received permission, but it also doesn’t paint the best picture of your business.  Remember: you don’t want to be associated with spam. If subscribers are texting to opt in, then you have the needed consent. If not, written consent is required.

Be clear about your message.  Make sure that it is clear to people what you are offering.  Ensure that there is no leeway for someone to misconstrue what they are reading.  Also, it is recommended to send 2-6 messages per month. Data indicates that over-messaging leads to unsubscribing.  

Disclaimers are required with text message marketing.  Legally, if they are mentioned in your first message to your list, you aren’t required to include them every time.  Many platforms for text message marketing automatically include these where needed. It is part of the benefit of using their platform to handle your text message marketing needs.  When sending your message, be sure to do so during normal hours for the general public. Sending a message at two in the morning may garner you some unsubscribes! Make your messages easy to understand and to the point.  In today’s busy world, people don’t want to read more than is necessary. Although your goal is to gain, not lose subscribers, an option to opt out of your services must be offered. If you follow these suggestions and work with a text message marketing platform, your campaign should be the success that you want it to be.