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Digital marketing and social media platforms can quickly and effectively get your message out.  During uncertain times, it allows open communication with your audience.  Responsiveness is critical during unusual times.  Social distancing is still in effect.  Protests are occurring in cities across the globe.  Information is rapidly changing.  As a result, it is as important as ever to get the information to your audience.  Real-time information can be received during crises.  This helps reactions come swifter.  Having social media as a key part of your digital marketing plan is more important now than ever.


We currently are in the reopening phase of the pandemic.  There are different business categories that fall into different phases.  With daily changes, it is crucial to keep your audience up-to-date on your business’s status and progress.  Your customers are looking to see if your brick and mortar is open.  Maybe it is open for curbside?  Maybe, you are reopening next Wednesday!  Whatever your individual reality is, your followers want to know.  They need to know.  In addition to the pandemic and its changes, there are protests happening across the country.  Roads and bridges are closed, in some cases.  Is that the case near you?  Should customers choose a different route of travel to get to your establishment?  Be clear and timely.  It can be the difference between someone turning around or continuing to your location.  


According to people are using social media as their news source more frequently.  Around 62% of Americans say that social media is their main news source.  Facebook and Twitter are used the most.  Listen to this data.  Incorporate these platforms into your regular digital marketing campaigns if you haven’t yet.  Facebook alone adds an impressive 500,000 plus users a day.  The probability is high that during times of immediate information need, your Facebook page will be seen if it’s timely.  


Sure, you want to have content that relates to your brand.  That doesn’t mean that shying away from current events is wise.  How is your brand assisting during the uncertain time?  Are you providing resources for people?  Might you have added products to address the situation at hand?  Not only should your audience know this, but theirs should as well.  Important, to-the-point content is high up on everyone’s shareable list.  The more current and easy to understand, the more shares you will see.  By being a good citizen (and keeping your pages current), you may increase your audience.


Before 2020, this may have been an odd question.  Do you have a crisis communication plan for your business?  If you don’t, it is time to create one.  If you do, be sure that social media is included in your plan.  Familiarize yourself with your digital marketing plan.  Are you familiar with the social media platforms that your plan includes?  Can you quickly get information out?  Are you comfortable with responding to messages and comments during an unfolding situation?  Set up relationships with local officials and emergency management contacts.  This will not only help you receive and disseminate information.  It will also ensure that you know what to do regarding your business during crises.  


Accuracy is key.  Releasing information to your audience during uncertain times is extremely important.  Just as important?  It’s accuracy.  Research sources.  Be prepared.  The world is changing rapidly day by day in ways that we have not seen before.  Your social media audience is looking for a reliable source to guide them through this uncertain time.  Do your homework now, so that you can be that trusted and reliable source for people.  This will be remembered by your audience when times are calm, as well.