Top 5 Marketing Trends of 2019 – Part 2

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Top 5 Marketing Trends of 2019 – Part 2

In 2019, the use of Instagram and video in digital marketing campaigns is crucial. These digital marketing campaign trends are soaring due to their simplicity and visual appeal. In addition, there are a three more top marketing campaign trends emerging that should be considered as part of this year’s marketing strategy.

Considering Voice Interaction 

While voice-first technology is currently in an evolutionary state, experts predict it will and already has had an impact in the digital marketing industry. Talking to Forbes, Michael Dougherty, the CEO of Jellian audio advertising platform, said, “The goal of any marketer is to establish a genuine connection with customers. Voice is their chance to get one step closer.” Based on this,  businesses should begin strategizing in anticipation of the rise of voice interaction.

What We Know 

The popularity of voice-assisted searching is on the rise. A majority of consumers don’t necessarily utilize voice on their mobile devices yet. However, experts predict voice technology will eventually become a utility. 60.5 million people already use digital assistants like Amazon Alexa.  They use Alexa to conduct searches and place orders. In the coming years, virtual assistants and chatbots, computer programs designed to simulate conversation with human users, are said to play an integral role in consumer interaction by 2021.

Voice Searches 

It starts with a search. Data shows that 1 billion voice searches are conducted each month. Studies predict that by 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice-based. This will greatly impact search engine optimization (SEO) and the methods used to apply it. Concise copy with easy readability has always been a component of SEO.  It will be crucial to voice SEO. Experts suggest emphasizing shorter-form content offerings like FAQ pages that provide quick answers. The algorithms behind Alexa and other products look for this shorter-form content.

Big Data 

Digital marketing is increasingly becoming a tech-oriented numbers game.  Digital marketing solidifies itself as a big marketing trend for 2019 and beyond. This reliance on big data continues to shift the evolution of modern digital marketing strategies. Analyzing and sharing statistics with clients and business leaders is an important practice.

Influencing Marketing Campaign Trends 

According to Jas Saran, CEO of Web Pro Marketing Inc., campaigns that utilize big data are more effective than traditional advertising. Marketers can develop buying personas based on customer behavior, purchasing patterns, favorites, and backgrounds.  This type of data can be collected through Google Analytics. Forbes found that women are more likely to respond to email campaigns, use coupons, and engage in discount promotions vs. men. With this in mind, design your marketing campaign based on relevant statistics that will maximize the campaign’s success.

Choosing the Right Tools 

Proper analytical tools will ultimately ensure your data is presenting you with valuable conclusions. In order to do this, the tool must access all types of data including cloud, social media data, log files, websites, emails, and unstructured data. In addition, it is essential for your program to support campaign attribution tracking, real-time analytics, funnels, and third-party testing.

Transparency and Authenticity 

Today’s marketing trends all reflect a core idea: authenticity. With controversies like Facebook’s data breach and false advertising and branding, audiences are looking to work with companies that are transparent and authentic in their practices.

This year Hulu and Netflix both released documentaries on the Fyre FestivalThe Fyre Festival was the 2017 viral music festival disaster where multiple companies and self-proclaimed business and marketing gurus blatantly lied to consumers. They promised consumers a luxurious experience in the Bahamas.  However, ticket holders were met with FEMA tents and cheese sandwiches – a far cry from the luxury villas and gourmet cuisine they were promised. Ultimately, this public relations disaster and the media coverage surrounding it opened consumers eyes to the potential for inauthentic experiences. Now more than ever, consumers are expecting transparency and proof of ethical business practices.

Working with the right strategic marketing experts that emphasize transparent and ethical practices can help consumers trust your brand.  They helps a business stay current, competitive and meet its goals. At The Westmark Group we are constantly researching and implementing the latest marketing campaign trends to take our client business to the next level.