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Utilizing Instagram Stories for Your Business

Instagram has 1 billion users every month. It’s important to know how to use the platform to your company’s advantage. Instagram’s Story feature allows users to post photos and videos. This is different than posting to Instagram because your Instagram story will vanish after 24 hours. Posting to Instagram is great for larger content. Instagram stories are great for showing quick content such as new products or updates, your company’s day to day tasks, or sharing quick tips.

Since Instagram unveiled their Instagram story feature back in 2016, they have been making many updates. Almost all features of Instagram stories can be used on both personal and business accounts. However, using the features for your business can be extremely beneficial. 

Top Instagram Story Features that are Great for Business

Instagram recently added many new updates to their story feature. The analytics feature is the only feature that differs between Instagram stories on your personal account and your business account. Instagram business profiles can view their Instagram story analytics under the insights tab. Insights allow you to see how many people have viewed your story, impressions, follows, shares, replies and profile visits resulting out of that story. Contrary to this, personal accounts are only able to see who looked at their story.

Further,  another popular new feature is called “Story Highlights” which works great on business profiles. Story highlights allow you to add stories to your profile page permanently. Before story highlights, every story would disappear after 24 hours. Now, you can choose to have your story displayed on your profile for anyone to go back to at any time. For example, if you sell a food product this could be a great place to store recipes using your product. People can visit your profile and refer to the story highlight labeled “recipes” for reference. 

 Another new feature is the ability to add links to your Instagram story. This is a great tool to use for driving traffic to your company’s website. You can post a story showing your new products and then add a link that will lead them to where they can purchase the product. Viewers have an option to “swipe up” and to be redirected to your site.  Aside from links, you can also add features like music, Q & A’s and polls to your Instagram stories. These quick and easy interactions allow you to become more personable with consumers.

Other Tips to Keep in Mind

Instagram just recently added the ability to find stories through hashtags and locations. This is extremely beneficial to get exposure to your brand or product. When you add hashtags to your story people can find your business’s story when they search that hashtag. Even people who don’t follow you will be able to see the stories through this new feature. This increases your business’s discoverability by increasing your appearance on the explore page.

When it comes to posting on Instagram for your business, you want to make sure you post at a time your followers are active. With Instagram stories, it doesn’t really matter. Whether you post the story at 3 pm or 3 am it stays up for 24 hours. Therefore, your followers will see it eventually. You can also post to Instagram stories live. This is a great tool to show your day to day events in the office or while making your product. For example, if you own a retail store you can go live to show viewers new product as the shipment is unpacked. Further, Instagram doesn’t penalize you for posting too many stories. So, you can post to your story multiple times a day to portray multiple daily tasks. 


So, you could say Instagram stories have stepped up their game since the first day they were released. Not only are they great for displaying your business, but they help your company become more personable with consumers. It’s rare to come across an Instagram business account without story highlights these days. If you don’t know where to start or how to implement these new features, The Westmark Group can help.


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