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Virtual Meetings and Events


Although conference calls and video meetings aren’t brand new concepts, in the explosion of change that the business world has had to endure globally over the past month, massive numbers of people are turning to them.  For now, with social distancing in effect, virtual meeting and event platforms are the main option for businesses and organizations to ‘meet’. There are many platforms to choose from, each offering a different approach to meet your goal.  How do you know which one to go with? Different needs call for different approaches. Did your event get canceled? Are you unable to host a scheduled meeting? Below, we will outline some of the most popular platforms, and explain how they work.

Virtual EVENTS

Around the globe, events are being canceled or rescheduled in record numbers due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Your first thought may be: events must take place in person. No virtual options are available. In some cases, this may be true.  What may surprise you is how many virtual event options not only exist, but can be successful. Digitell is a virtual event and live streaming platform.  They’ve been around for over 35 years. Their expertise is customizing and creating online virtual events by engaging users in a digital experience while accessing live streams. 


According to, Evia, a virtual events company, offers complete digital event and media distribution solutions to companies of any size.  Recently, Evia added a cloud-based video player that uses Machine Language and Artificial Intelligence to make event content more accessible and engaging. 


ON24 is a platform that allows data-driven, interactive webinar and content experiences.  On average, businesses report that they drive more revenue from ON24 experiences than any other digital channel.  This digital platform will provide you with the ability to create the excitement of a live event with simulive webinars.  Webinars can be edited, allowing you to engage with your audience in real-time during your pre-recorded presentation, then roll-over to live mode after for live engagement.

virtual MEETINGS

Zoom is at the Forefront

More than ever, during the current ‘new normal’, businesses are embarking on virtual meetings.  They are doing this in an effort to keep operating and working on their brand while adhering to social distancing requirements.  Zoom has been front and center. What are the benefits of it? Zoom is a video enterprise solution that provides hosting abilities for virtual meetings.  Additionally, Zoom may be used for product training, video webinars, and more. During a meeting, you can communicate with attendees via their chat feature, which allows you to share messages and files.  Another reason why Zoom has become a go-to choice recently is their collaboration with many apps such as Outlook, Slack, and Egnyte, which allow users to enhance their experience further. Plus, Zoom’s free version allows for up to 40 minutes per meeting or presentation!  

GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar: Online Meeting Platforms

GoToMeeting features collaborative team messaging, video transcriptions, and customizable settings. This platform can host up to 100 participants from either your smart device or PC.  GoToWebinar, associated with GoToMeeting, is an online meeting platform where users can present. Featuring polling, follow-up emails, and attendee data, this portion of the platform is now being used by up to 2.7 million people a year. 

Hangout with Google

Ever a powerhouse in the digital media industry, Google Hangouts is Google’s free platform that features phone calls, video conferences, and instant messaging for up to ten users. Built into Gmail and other Google tools, Hangouts allows users to stream their video calls live on YouTube.

Skype offers unique features

Skype has been around for years, but their more recent Skype Business can host up to 250 people, record meetings, and features instant messaging.  Another great feature? Users can see when members are in a meeting, are offline, or when they are available to talk. personalizes your url

Lastly, is a free meeting platform option that allows you to personalize your URL and add a customized meeting background. Like many other digital platforms, integrates with Outlook and many other apps.  


As challenging as these times are, there are a host of options to keep your brand and events front and center.  They may be different than what you are used to, but they are effective and offer a variety of options to meet your individual business needs.