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Augmented Reality


As recently as ten years ago, using technologies like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) was incredibly expensive.  You probably were vaguely familiar with their existence. However, you probably didn’t know anyone who had actually used them as a marketing tool for their business.  Fast forward to today, and businesses, developers, and consumers are all getting into the VR and AR market.

Market and Showcase Your Business details a Statista study that estimates that the market for VR software and hardware will grow to forty billion dollars in the near future. During 2020 alone, they project that the market will grow to twelve billion dollars. This would double last year’s numbers.  These two exciting markets were growing to begin with in 2020. Now, businesses and events have to move in the virtual direction in light of this trying time. And VR and AR apps can help you market your business while showcasing your services in a brand new light.  Plus, they are vital ways to keep your events running during the days of social distancing.  

Applying Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology

Don’t worry if you are not a digital expert when it comes to VR and AR.  Why? That’s why we’re here! We step in to help bridge the gap between where your business’s digital marketing plan is, and where you want it to go.  The hardware required for these virtual technologies is much more affordable than it used to be.

Developing a VR or an AR app is a recommended way to effectively use this technology to get in front of your customer base.  These apps do very well in Apple and Android stores, and have been doing even better since gatherings, trade shows, stores, and events have been put on hold. While we all are hoping for the return of physical events sooner rather than later, virtual mediums allow trade shows, school trips, and festivals to still happen, allowing audience engagement and revenue for your business! 

How Have Businesses Applied These Virtual Technologies?

IKEA has used AR to have customers try out their brand’s furniture in a potential customer’s home.  All the user has to do is download the app, browse products, and point their phone’s camera at the space they’d like to test out.  This achieves the same result you’d want, but can safely and effectively be done during the current lockdown. What does this mean for your business?  It means that you have the ability to allow your customers to have the same kind of experience that they would if they were able to physically be at your business.  What does it mean for you? Simply, that your business can operate as true to form as possible during this pandemic, allowing your revenue stream to continue.

Beauty product companies are frequently developing apps that allow users to ‘try on’ their products.  And, it’s been successful. They have reported the sales to support its success.

Hosting Virtual Events

Is your business event-driven?  Don’t panic. Last year’s Tribeca Film Festival contained two events that centered on VR.  This was being successfully implemented into physical events prior to the changes COVID-19 has forced into reality. 

According to, 88% of event planners were making arrangements to include VR in their events last year.  Similarly, 87% were planning AR events. Working with a digital agency like The Westmark Group can provide you with the app building tools that are needed to turn your postponed or canceled event into a VR/AR event. 

Typically, AR is more app-focused, while VR includes a controller system, such as a headset in some cases. Suppose you run trips to a historic building that your business owns, and had to cancel your upcoming events as a result of the shutdown.  By going virtual, your customers can still attend the trip ‘inside’ of the historic building, from the safe location of their own home. You would charge the same fees as you usually would for your event, and deliver a fully-satisfying – and safe – experience.  

Use VR and AR Technology to Stay in Business

Your initial first thought may be to assume that if your physical business or event location isn’t permitted to be open, that all bets are off.  Not only is this not the case, but your audience is home and looking to experience and feel how they are used to feeling. They are yearning to shop, go to gatherings and events, and continue normalcy.  Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality allow both your business and your customers to continue what you started, while staying safe. VR/AR for the win!