Yes, Your Company Should Be Using Social Media – Here’s Why

Yes, Your Company Should Be Using Social Media – Here’s Why


Many businesses—especially new ones—seem to view Social Media as a necessary evil. It may seem risky, or unnecessary, or like your 14-year-old niece could do it. But anyone who makes those assumptions is making a big mistake. Social Media is a major power player in the world of Digital Marketing, and a marketing strategy that lacks it is simply incomplete.

Here are the top reasons why your business should be using Social Media Management—and no, your niece probably shouldn’t be the one doing it.

It’s a major player in your digital marketing strategy

Think of a baseball team. You have a pitcher, a catcher, three basemen, and some outfielders. The team works together as a whole, with no player more important than the other. If your team lacks a Social Media Coordinator, or at least a strong Social Media strategy, you haven’t covered all your bases.

Many business owners want to see results from Social Media and Social Media alone. Those that do are failing to see the big picture—the fact that Social Media supports the entire Digital Marketing strategy, from Public Relations to SEO. As awesome as Social Media is in itself, its most important function is existing as a key component of your entire team. How, you ask? Keep reading.

It drives your traffic

Sure, organic traffic is great—that’s why SEO experts take great care to optimize blog posts and landing pages with well-researched keywords. But why post content and hope that your target users will find it, when you can place it directly in front of them? Social Media has massive power in this respect. A single link posted on a site like Reddit can generate tens of thousands of visitors in one day, and posting a blog to Facebook can bump its rankings from dozens to hundreds. Ideally, Social Media is Content Marketing’s best friend, and every blog that your marketing team creates should immediately be distributed across all applicable channels. Without Social Media, you’re just throwing content into the void and hoping something sticks.

It boosts your SEO

Content Marketing is one of the biggest components of SEO, so it goes without saying that Social Media helps your SEO rankings increase, too. When your pages receive consistent traffic, search engines like Google will rank them much higher, and your entire website will benefit.

It allows you to build real relationships with your target market

Social Media offers something that marketers have never been able to do before: the ability to actually communicate, in real time, with consumers. Social Media marketers can read their audience’s tweets, posts, updates, and comments exactly as they occur. That kind of real-world insight is invaluable when determining how to build your brand and give the people what they want. As an added bonus, interacting with your clients on a daily basis helps to build your brand as a positive, friendly presence in their daily lives.

All the cool kids are doing it

At this point in the game, not having a social media presence is like pulling out a flip phone at a company meeting about the importance of technology. It’s embarrassing, and more than that, it’s telling. Your clients—and competitors—do notice when you don’t have any social media strategies in place, and will perceive your brand as outdated, unfriendly, and behind the times. In order to stay competitive in the 21st century, Social Media is just a requirement of doing business.

A Social Media Marketing company that drives results

If you’re ready to push past your competitors and take the Social Media world by storm, give us a call. We’ll help you develop a Social Media marketing strategy that drives your web traffic, improves your search engine rankings, and shows the world what your brand has to offer.